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Products & Services

We Deliver Display and Storage Solutions around Australia for Residential, Corporate and
Cultural Organisations.

Art Hanging Systems Australia

Art Hanging Systems

Surface mounted and integrated hanging systems that maximise display flexibility and minimise wall damage in residential, commercial and gallery spaces.

Art Hanging Systems Australia

Installation Services

Professional Installers reliably delivering innovative technical services in domestic and commercial spaces around Australia.

Art Hanging Systems Australia

Lighting Systems

High quality, clever LED lighting track systems for museum and gallery spaces.

Art Hanging Systems Australia

Modular Walls

Exhibition and gallery solutions, seen in leading museum and cultural institutions, featuring the most advanced temporary architecture system in the world.

Art Hanging Systems Australia

Exhibition Equipment Hire

Temporary exhibition solutions – Museum-quality walls, lights, hanging systems and logistic services.

Art Hanging Systems Australia

Art Storage

Australia’s most sophisticated museum-quality painting storage systems, designed, built and installed nationally.

Art Displayed Beautifully

Art Hanging Systems supplies a comprehensive range of products and services to help our clients display, exhibit, light and store art and artefacts.

Shop our range of art hanging products online or reach out to us to discuss a tailored solution for your business, gallery, museum or private collection.

Art Hanging Systems Australia

For Art Owners

Contact us to design an art hanging system for your home or visit our online store for the supplies you need to hang your own art.

Art Hanging Systems Australia

For Business Owners & Curators

Enlist the services of Australia’s leading art hanging experts to display your collection of paintings, photos, portraits or sculptures.

Popular Solutions

Take a look at our best-sellers.

Art Hanging Systems Australia

Wall Attached

Click Rail

The Click Rail is a flexible picture hanging system that you only have to mount to the wall once.

Art Hanging Systems Australia

Wall Attached

Click Rail Pro

Hanging heavy pictures and wall decorations is no problem with the Click Rail Pro.

Art Hanging Systems Australia

Ceiling Systems

Top Rail

This ‘invisible’ Picture Hanging System Offers A Flexible Way To Hang, Change And Replace Pictures And Wall Decorations.

Art Hanging Systems Australia

Built In

Shadow Line

The Shadowline profile disappears completely in the shadow line next to the ceiling panels.

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Art Hanging Systems Australia

Display Your Best

Established in 2005, Art Hanging Systems provides a complete service to help homes and businesses make the most of their art.

Our focus is on providing you with easy to install, highly flexible and professional quality hanging systems to protect and display your valuable artworks and pictures.

Shop our range or contact us to discuss our professional art hanging services.