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Your partner in flexible hanging systems

Artiteq has been a specialist in flexible and professional hanging systems since 1995. The use of these hanging systems fits perfectly in sustainable building management strategies. The one-time investment in hanging systems yields many long-term benefits for you. For example, ease of use and flexibility in the safe hanging and easy changing of pictures, wall decorations and presentations. Another huge benefit of the system is that you will no longer damage walls within your building. Artiteq is your partner for hanging systems that form part of your interior projects.


Many satisfied users of the Artiteq hanging systems can be found in the education, care and hospitality sectors, plus at galleries and museums, to name but a few. Our innovative hanging systems are also used in offices. Whether you wish to hang pictures or display documents or drawings on the wall, Artiteq has the perfect system.

Sustainable Building Management

cost savings

Flexibility And User-friendly

easy to change

No More Damaged Walls

once-only investment and assembly

Your Partner In Flexible Hanging Systems

Are you an architect, interior designer, project leader, facility manager, contractor or do you have a different role relating to furnishing or decorating spaces or commercial premises? With its extensive range of hanging systems, Artiteq offers you a helping hand.

Technical installation

Correct technical installation is important for optimum use of our products. As part of projects, certified installers can take care of the assembly of the complete range of Artiteq products. They are familiar with the benefits of the Artiteq systems and ensure an installation entirely in accordance with your wishes.

Tailor made solutions

As a hanging specialist, Artiteq helps to find a solution for a specific issue. Many collaborations have already emerged from this way of working. With product development and production in-house, Artiteq can offer more than the standard product range. A service that you can use.