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Art Hanging Systems offers and installs art gallery hanging supplies

Art Hanging Systems is well known for the stylish and high-quality hanging systems we offer for sale and for exhibition hire. When it comes to the artwork and photographs you exhibit, it’s vital you are able to trust the hanging system you use as well as the installers. Our professional and experienced team is here to help with a hanging system and supplies to meet the needs of your art and your exhibition space.

What sets Art Hanging Systems apart?

The quality of the products we offer and the knowledge our team has gained through their extensive experience help to set us apart in the following ways:

  • Every exhibition space is unique and comes with its own set of important considerations when determining the best art hanging options. We offer solutions that will fit any exhibition, ably installed by our professional team.
  • We offer flexible and easy to use systems for use in art galleries and other spaces. One of these systems enables you to easily swap out your artwork, even accommodating artwork of different sizes.
  • With our supplies, we can repair and replace parts of the system that wear out.

Common mistakes people make when selecting & installing wall art hanging hardware

It can be easy to ignore your art hanging hardware, at least until it fails. Given the tremendous monetary and sentimental value your artwork and photographs can have, you don’t want to hope that your inadequate hanging system will be able to handle your needs. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that we can help you avoid:

  • The best hanging system and hardware is durable enough to handle the needs of your exhibition. Different pieces in your collection can vary significantly in weight, and some hanging systems are not suitable for heavier pieces. We offer several options to handle up to 20kg per mount.
  • Some hanging systems are more obtrusive and draw eyes away from the art. We have a stylish art hanging system that will remain in the background to let your art shine.
  • Lighting is an essential aspect of an art exhibition. Without the right light, your visitors will not be able to see each piece displayed at its best. Our team can provide lighting to let each artwork stand out.

About Art Hanging Systems

For over a decade, Art Hanging Systems has been providing our clients in multiple industries, from art galleries to schools and government departments with high quality art hanging systems and gallery art hanging tools. With this extensive experience, we have handled multiple types of exhibits in a multitude of spaces, enabling us to handle your needs, whatever they are. Our services include professional installation, and our team can even offer lighting in which to display your valuable artwork better. Contact us today to learn more about our systems and to get a free quote for your gallery or other exhibition space.