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Display your students’ artworks or hold an exhibition that highlights the history and achievements of your facility with the professional support of Art Hanging Systems.

We offer a full design and leasing service that allows you to turn a school hall, gym or assembly room into a temporary gallery.

You can also order art hanging supplies from our online store so you can display student art with ease.

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Our Director James Campbell has been in the art industry for over 30 years.

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We have worked with major galleries and museums around Australia.

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Skip the thumb tacks and Blu Tack and get simple art display ideas for your school.

Art Display Ideas For Schools

Info Rail

The Info Rail is the ideal display system for displaying drawings, cards and photos on the wall. Changing drawings or posters is fast and easy with this system and using it means no more damaged walls from thumbtacks, tape and so on.

This hanging system has become particularly indispensable in classrooms and school corridors and provides an ideal showcase for children’s creations. Available in lengths of 100, 200 and 300 cm and in white or aluminium, the Info Rail is easy to link to other Info Rails, and is easy to shorten.

Display Systems

Schools, being in the business of educating and shaping the minds of future generations, are among the first to embrace technological advances, and aids such as interactive blackboards have become a fixture in many classrooms. Yet numerous schools still like to rely on more traditional tools such as bulletin boards and whiteboards alongside more high-tech classroom aids.

If you’re looking for art display ideas for your school, we can also help you with any needs you may have in this department, as we can easily integrate these tools with our picture hanging systems in a way that is both efficient and sustainable.

As well as providing you with a practical and secure hanging system, this is also highly flexible, since the hanging wires can easily be moved inside the rail.

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