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Beautiful, Sustainable Exhibition Architecture

A revolutionary modular movable wall system that allows galleries or any commercial space to easily build dynamic walls and angular spaces, creating unique and experiential experiences for visitors. 

This modular wall system by German manufacturer MBA Design & Display opens up a world of possibilities, with limitless design solutions, interactive walls, and most importantly, cost-effectiveness. 

The efficiency, sustainability, flexibility, and quality presentation of Mila-Wall® enables a fresh patron’s experience for years to come. No other modular display system offers the engineering strength, sustainable operations, and a lifetime of design flexibility for all display environments. Mila-Wall® creates flexible exhibition environments, in any colour or texture. Features include removable surface covering, lightweight construction, and the no dust, no noise assembly that adheres to the highest quality museum conservation standard.

Make your next exhibition effortless using Mila-Wall®

Introducing Mila-Wall®

Achieve limitless wall design options, replaceable surface finishes, and easy wall colour changes, whilst superior engineering delivers strong elegant structures.

Exhibitions with Mila-Wall®

Cater To All Exhibition Design Requirements with Interactive Options

Flexible, Exhibition
Innovation Long Term

With Mila-Wall, museums & gallery exhibition spaces can respond to the limitless array of art and artefacts with high curatorial standards and innovation. Artefact material diversity, AV technologies and immersive installations are pushing curators & exhibition designers to a variety of environments – Mila responds to create dynamic wall designs and multimedia presentation spaces within existing Gallery Buildings.
Mila not only provides this flexibility and high quality presentation for the first exhibition but it does so for the next 20+ years of  exhibitions.

Modular Walls

Series 100

Robust and elegant 40mm thick Panels with extruded aluminum edging and top and bottom pin connection for unparalleled strength and longevity, Standard Panel widths 250,500,750 &1000mm and Heights 500-4000mm

Series 160

60mm thick Panels with extruded aluminum edging for unparalleled durability and longevity,Standard Panel widths 500,750 &1000mm and Heights 500-4000mm.

Series 400

All lightweight Timber constructions Panels with wooden edging and classic Rotolock connection. The ideal budget partitioning

Series 840

All timber construction- Series 100 compatible design. The budget 40mm thick budget wall option.
Panel widths 500,750 &1000mm and Heights 500-3000mm.

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To best provide you with a design and cost estimate for Mila wall, we need to get to know your gallery spaces and building layout. Everything from ceiling heights, stairways and access from the street can affect our recommendation. Please help us understand where and what you want to use a Mila wall for. If designing your wall layout is like looking into a crystal ball of the future… don’t be perturbed, we can assist you and specify the best solution for the space and your budget.