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1mm Twister Micro Hanger Kit

  • Our thinnest, least visible hanger
  • Nylon Perlon or cable option is almost invisible against wall
  • Twister technology – simple, safe, strong
  • Nylon Hanger kits have up to 10kg capacity.
  • Cable Hanger kits have up to 20kg capacity.
  • Hook 1mm Micro Grip  connect to D rings on picture frames
From: $26.02 Inc. GST
Product Quantity

1mm Twister Hanger

  • Our super-thin hanger set, nearly disappears
  • Nylon has up to 5 kg capacity each with 1mm Micro Grip Hook
  • Cable has up to 20 kg capacity 1mm Micro Grip Hook

1mm Micro Grip Hook

(before discount)


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Hanging Kits, Picture Hangers, Picture hanging Kit, step two hanger kits

Specify The Hanger Head Type To Suit The Space And Flexibility You Need.
Pick the hanger material that suits your aesthetic and weight requirements.
Choose The Hanger Length, ⅔ Of Your Ceiling Height Measurement.

  • Hanger sets come with 2 hangers and 2 hooks. We always recommend using 2 hangers per picture.
  • 2 materials to choose from: nlyon perlon (almost invisible against wall) or steel (for a more industrial look)
  • Twister head slides, twists and locks into rail and can be moved without falling out.
  • Micro grip hook has easy squeeze and slide mechanism and locks onto hanger when released.
  • Hangers come in standard 150 -300cm lengths.
  • Nylon Hanger kits have up to 10kg capacity.
  • Cable Hanger kits have up to 20kg capacity.

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