Combi Rail Pro Light is a wall rail with a handsome, but neutral design that fits any interior style. The flexible lighting system enables paintings and other wall decorations to be illuminated in a professional and eye catching manner, making it a perfect home or gallery hanging system.

Installation Video

  • Comes in 200cm and 300cm lengths.
  • 3 colours: Off White, Vivid White Primer (can be painted to match your walls) and Brushed Aluminium
  • The rail is 8.5mm thick  and 25mm high.
  • Wall attached. Click Rail works with cornices and square set ceilings.
  • Rail kit ncludes wall plugs, screws, end caps and the connectors used to mount the rail on the wall.

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Combi Rail Install Light Kit

  • Available in two lengths
  • Neutral white colour
  • Wall attached: Click Rail works with cornices and square set ceilings.
  • Includes wall fixing hardware or installation kits. Comes ready to install.
  • 50/70cm armatures come with an 8w LED light.
  • Every length of rail ordered must either be powered or simply connected to another rail length.
  • Note: Electrical Installation of this product requires a licenced electrician to specify a transformer and connection to buildings electricity supply.

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1mm Twister Micro Hanger Kit

  • Hanger sets come with 2 hangers and 2 hooks. We always recommend using 2 hangers per picture.
  • 2 materials to choose from: perlon (almost invisible against wall) or steel (for a more industrial look)
  • Twister head slides, twists and locks into rail and can be moved without falling out.
  • Micro grip hook has easy squeeze and slide mechanism and locks onto hanger when released.
  • Hangers come in standard 200cm lengths.

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1mm Micro Grip Hook

SKU: 30.411.

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$6.64 incl. GST
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