Whether starting a new-build or planning a renovation, this fully-integrated ceiling rail system is sleek and professional, leaving walls clean and free from damage. Available to use with either plasterboard walls and ceiling panels or masonry walls, this systems disappears into the ceiling, creating a subtle shadowline effect. Used in conjunction with 1mm perlon hangers, this is our most dicreet hanging system yet.


Comes in 250cm lengths.

Available for use with either Plasterboard or Masonry walls.

Built-in. Installed at the same time as a recessed ceiling.
• Disappears into the shadowline created between the wall and ceiling panels.

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Contour Rail with Install, End Cap Kit

  • Available in two lengths
  • 2 colours: Vivid White Primer (can be painted to match your walls) or Brushed Aluminium
  • Wall attached: Rail must be set at least 15mm below bottom edge of cornice or ceiling
  • Includes wall fixing hardware or installation kits. Comes ready to install.

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1mm Twister Micro Hanger Kit

  • Hanger sets come with 2 hangers and 2 hooks. We always recommend using 2 hangers per picture.
  • 2 materials to choose from: perlon (almost invisible against wall) or steel (for a more industrial look)
  • Twister head slides, twists and locks into rail and can be moved without falling out.
  • Micro grip hook has easy squeeze and slide mechanism and locks onto hanger when released.
  • Hangers come in standard 200cm lengths.

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1mm Micro Grip Hook

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$6.64 incl. GST

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