Art hanging systems

Art Hanging Systems offer low cost, high profile, high quality flexible picture hanging systems that provide a professional way to display art and other decorative items in a home or public area. Because pieces are hooked onto hangers that slide into the rail, artwork can easily be moved and adjusted around the walls without creating unsightly holes.

Choosing the right system

Ask yourself a few simple questions before deciding on the system that is right for you.
Built-in or Surface fixed?

Are you planning to install rail in a new build or renovation or fix it to an existing wall or ceiling?

Which type of cornice?

Certain rails are compatible with certain cornice finishes. Check the pictures above if you are unsure.

Rail Type Kg/Mt Fixing Position Plaster Copnics Shadowline Square Set Ceiling Tile Grid
Click 30 Surface
Click Pro 50 Surface
Contour 20 Surface
Combi 50 Surface
Classic (+) 20-100 Surface
Deco 20 Built-in
Top 20 Surface/Built-in
Artstrip 20 Built-in
Ceiling recessed 20 Built-in
& Plasterboard
How much rail will you need?

Measure the length of every wall you wish to install rail on from corner to corner

How heavy are the items you wish to hang?

Some rails, hangers and hooks will carry more weight than others. Check the weight limit before ordering.



Hangers compatible with: Contour, Click, Click Pro, Deco, Combi, Top Rail & Artstrip

Mini hook 4kg
Pict. hook – round brass 5kg
Pict. hook – alu 7kg
Pict. hook – heavy 7kg
Pict. hook – brass 10kg
Ratchet 15kg
Loqqer 15kg
Micro Grip 5kg
Micro Grip 10kg
Twister nylon perlon 2mm
Twister st/steel cable 2mm
Twister rod – white 2mm
Twister micro nylon 1mm
Twister micro cable 1mm
Twister cliq2fix 2mm
Solid slider – nylon 2mm
Solid slider – cable 2mm